Lawn & Garden Maintenance

Proper lawn and garden maintenance requires knowledge, experience and care. We carefully design a custom program to meet the unique needs of your grounds.¬† This includes properly tuning the irrigation system, providing¬† pest management, and proper fertilization. At Lawn Rangers we believe there … Read more about Lawn & Garden Maintenance

Landscape Lighting

You take great pains to create the perfect landscape plan to enjoy every inch of your grounds during the daylight hours. What about after dark? You can easily enjoy your grounds just as much after the sun goes down, with a well designed landscape lighting plan from The Lawn Rangers. High quality, … Read more about Landscape Lighting

Tree Care & Relocation

If your new landscape plan involves the installation of large mature trees, you have come to the right place. We have the expertise and resources to place those trees the right way. So what if you have a gorgeous Queen Palm in the front yard that looked perfect about five years ago? Today, it has … Read more about Tree Care & Relocation

Synthetic Turf

Your garden space, driveway, and deck areas can be enhanced with the addition of synthetic grass. Once relegated to sports-only use, advances in the appearance of synthetic turf opens the options for installation in all commercial and residential settings. The Lawn Ranger can complete the design and … Read more about Synthetic Turf

Hardscape & Pavers

Every yard has special features and specific challenges. For some of our clients, these can be addressed and enhanced with hardscape solutions such as patios, retaining walls, stepping stones, and pathways. Our professional staff can expertly stack and lay natural rock to create any number of … Read more about Hardscape & Pavers

Landscape Design & Installation

The Lawn Rangers of IRC offer all of the services you need to install and keep your Florida landscape looking its best. We can help from the acquisition of plants, to expert installation. We keep tabs all over the state of Florida for the finest Florida friendly plant material for our clients. … Read more about Landscape Design & Installation

Container Gardens

Whether you are looking to freshen up patio area or simply welcome your guests with colorful flowers at the front door, the Lawn Rangers team can help. Our approach is simple. We listen to your wishes and then select Florida friendly plantings to create your custom container garden. Contact us … Read more about Container Gardens

Landscape Design

We can help you find the ideal landscape design to increase curb appeal and make your yard a place for growing, relaxing and entertaining. We can combine the unique attributes of your yard with your individual preferences and create the perfect backdrop for you to create a lifetime of wonderful … Read more about Landscape Design